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This is the second over spill group from the WHO_WILL_BE_THE_WEAKEST_MOVER_ group This is the place if you can't keep up with the best and the I_am_a_Squeezer_because group is also getting too fanatic. Be warned,... being a member of this group makes you a serious contender for the Monthly Sloth award :)

  • 26.5.2012 Message from the group creator:

  • This group has served it's purpose and is now defunct. For a group with lots of discussion and fun I recommend:

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    • SpecialK


      Hello guys, someone around?

    • MtnLivin


      Hey, SpecK, I'm still around and figured I'd poke my nose in here. I hope Car doesn't delete it! cheers, john

      • SpecialK


        cheers back, how are you doing?

      • MtnLivin


        Doing well, thanks! Had a fun event today, trail/off-trail relay race along some familiar terrain from orienteering. Still getting my fluids back up! move5805086

    • SpecialK


      Hey, I don`t get it. What`s the thing with this starting and closing groups? What do you mean saying has served it`s purpose and is now defunct? And where are you all?

      • SMac


        :-D must be spring cleaning! Nice to see some of the crew here and still working. I am gearing up for a big push next week when the kids are back to school!!

      • SpecialK


        Happy to see you here! Felt already a bit lost in this movescount universe ;-)

    • SpecialK


      Hey Tintti, 15 hours on 5th of may? Puh, you`re destroying the rest of us ;-)

    • SpecialK


      Ha! Working myself up on the board! I like! ;-)

      • VickyJ


        Go, you good thing:-)

      • SMac


        Hey SpecialK!!! You are up there again and it's just the start of the month. :-D

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