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    You can get more information about Suunto products from - especially from Questions&Answers section in product pages.

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  • start2run

    6 days ago

    Just uploaded a Karvonen-based instant guidance tool for people that do HR-based moves: Other circulating APPs calculate the Karvonen zones wrong, they do not provide textual feedback on the ZoneType you are in, and do not display the thresholds (aerobic and anaerobic). This APP does it all.

  • jaimegonzalvez

    3 weeks ago

    Any swimmer or triathlete you can answer my doubts about the saved moves: Unable to see the rate of strokes per minute in each interval? Os distances appear rare in the session table? To me I just appear where there should be 800m 770m ??

  • THEbeber74


    hello i have a question i want to compare my progression between two runs on the same way... so i want to compare the graphics with my heart rate cardio on 2 runs at different time of course. is it possible? and how to? thanks

    • aleromar

      4 weeks ago

      Hi Thebeber74, I'm actually wondering the same thing... I've cycled the same track a few times and I'm wondering whether there is anyway to compare both moves... like pace, heart rate, etc having distance in my X axis Thanks!

    • keke_eo

      2 weeks ago

      I want to know too!

  • cosmo71


    Is there a way to easily create pace based workouts. Specifically, I want to set up a program to run XXX miles at XXXX pace, rest and repeat multiple times. I can't find an application for that.

  • ppiioottrr


    Suunto - what have you done to synchronization via Moveslink? It doesn't work again. I'm getting error already at synchronizaton of settings. I tried reinstallation and removal of my watch from Moveslink in settings - sometimes the whole 4 step synch procedure finishes successfuly but my moves are not uploaded to Movescount. Can you fix it, please?

    BTW - people - shout if you have this issue as well. Suunto's support is not very responsive.

    • Rothead


      I have the same problem. Did You fix it?

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