High Intensity Intermittent Training (HIIT)

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A group for those who employ Intense Interval training in the quest for fitness. HIIT can be adopted to almost any sport or activity. Build muscle & improve capacity. Open to anyone anywhere in the world who enjoys fitness.

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  • A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine followed 2,560 Finnish men for 16 years. It found that the higher the intensity of exercise, the lower the risk of getting cancer. The suggestion was that high intensity exrecise reduces your cancer risk by an average of 50%. Researchers from Kuopio and Oulu universities found that high intensity exercise particularly lowered the risk of getting and dying from lung and gastrointestinal cancer.Men with a mean (average) intensity of physical activity "over 5.2 MET had a greatly reduced risk of cancer death." To calculate MET,measure VO2 on your HR device, then divide by 3.5

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    I was lucky to spend yesterday afternoon with Elizabeth Blackburn, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering telomerase, which plays a crucial role in longevity. According to her, science shows that intense exercise helps extend life span -- but only if exercise is of short duration.Protracted cardio floods the system with cortisol, and shortens your telomeres, presumably shortening life. She advises against marathon running or Iron Man competitions.HIIT improves cardio fitness with less cortisol.

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    So-called Cardio exercise is one of promotions of the modern world. It is sold as the route to fitness and weightloo. While protracted "cardoi" does improve fitness for many athletes, it also entails cardio risks, and it helps some (about 25%) lose weight, "cardio" doesn't work for most exercisers. That's why you see so many fat girls toiling on treadmills. HIIT can do as much to improve cardiopulmonsry capacity as long distance running, and is much more effective for weight loss.

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    Sorry I have been slow update the HIIT ppost. THe fact that the site is not compatible with the latest MAC software slowed me down. But I have a new message coming about HIIT & cancer. Two recent studdies suggest that HIIT reduces cancer risk by as much as one half. That is an excellent side-effect of getting in shape.

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    I must disavow the impression that I have done 18h 27min of exercise in April. That is entirely an artifact of my inability to stop my t6 at the end of a rushed exercise session crammed between a late flight and an early business dinner. I don't think high training volumes are the best basis for measuring exercise. In most cases, you are better off doing, shorter, more intense sessions.

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    My move of 6/2/13 either validates the effectiveness of HIIT in up-regulating exercise capacity or invalidates the MOVESCOUNT physiological calculations. I did 4 Tabata sets, starting with a bike warm-up & ending with weighted front squat of grueling intensity. If the t6 readings were correct, my max HR was 187 (predicted max for the age of 33) & calculated VO2 max - 72, about 2x what would normalize as excellent for my age. This implies that HIIT can ramp cardiopulmonary capacity in a big way.

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