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A group for those who employ Intense Interval training in the quest for fitness. HIIT can be adopted to almost any sport or activity. Build muscle & improve capacity. Open to anyone anywhere in the world who enjoys fitness.

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  • Evidence continues to mount underscoring the superiority of HIIT exercise protocols in improving health in a variety of ways. Dr. Jonathan Little at the University of British Columbia has recently shown that HIIT is more effective at lowering high blood sugar for type II diabetics than continuous duration aerobic routines. Dr. Little has shown that 75 minutes of HIIT per week is more effective than 150 minutes weekly of the moderate intensity continuous duration exercise recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Happily, not many of us here need to be concerned with exercising to combat diabetes. But the encouraging implication of Dr. Little’s research may be of interest. Presumably if HIIT lowers blood sugar for full-fledged type II diabetics, it is also superior in lowering blood sugar and combatting metabolic syndrome in non-diabetics. HIIT works.

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      Hi every one! pease join us in _SUUNTO__FAT_BURNING_GROUP

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      In 2006, researchers from Berkeley and Stanford revealed results of a study on habitual runners. Shockingly, ALL the runners — including those who ran as much as 8 miles per DAY — got fatter with every passing year. The reason - an overdose of cortisol. But there is good news. Research on the Boutcher HIIT protocol showed that a group who followed a 20-minute program of 8-second sprints followed by 12 seconds rest lost 6 times more fat than those doing 40 minutes of cardio. Less is more.

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      I was lucky to spend yesterday afternoon with Elizabeth Blackburn, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering telomerase, which plays a crucial role in longevity. According to her, science shows that intense exercise helps extend life span -- but only if exercise is of short duration.Protracted cardio floods the system with cortisol, and shortens your telomeres, presumably shortening life. She advises against marathon running or Iron Man competitions.HIIT improves cardio fitness with less cortisol.

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      So-called Cardio exercise is one of promotions of the modern world. It is sold as the route to fitness and weightloo. While protracted "cardoi" does improve fitness for many athletes, it also entails cardio risks, and it helps some (about 25%) lose weight, "cardio" doesn't work for most exercisers. That's why you see so many fat girls toiling on treadmills. HIIT can do as much to improve cardiopulmonsry capacity as long distance running, and is much more effective for weight loss.

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