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Why exercise, if not to experience all the fabulous taste sensations of the world?! A new year of gastronomic delights and plenty of sweat to make it all worthwhile

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  • So 2014 Is here. Spring is nearly turning to summer in the north and the winter is nearly upon us in the south. For me its that time of year for hearty stews, buttered beans and large slabs of fresh bread with lashings of butter. Would I do another 1 hour on the bicycle for that? You bet! :-) Eat well and exercise often :-)

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    • jpbody


      Wow! There is a Suunto group I relate too. People ask what my favorite food is and I never know what to say because I have so many. This month I'm craving Indian, Had Korma curry first time recentlyt. Fantastic!

    • BillD


      I am trying a nutritionally ketogenic diet--65% fat, 20% protein, 15% carb. No starch or sugar. Lots of saturated and monounsaturated fat, plenty of Omega 3. my body composition 1s 10% fat, I have great energy eating two meals a day. Recovery is great. HDL cholesterol is exceptionally high (over 100 mg/dl) and triglycerides exceptionally low (43 mg/dl). eating lots of leafy and nonstarchy vegetables, bacon, eggs, fish, coconut oil, butter. Some other meats etc. No flour, potato or rice.

    • jfcalypso


      Hello to all and all, Can you test one of my applications in your sporting activities. App area - Search - enter: jfcalypso - if you love, click on the bottom of the application page, for the say - Cordially and good day

    • Choub


      Hi all! Brand new in teh Suunto world!I loooove to cook and eat (so does my man - former cook :p) unluckily I don't have the metabolism that allows me to eat everything, be healthy AND in shape! Nope, mine is more like : "Yummy this looks good...and "hop" already on my hips" ^^ Soooo my M5 is now my best Friend, and we're ready to spend a lot of time together, and share it here! Got a couple of pounds to lose, but there is no way that I'm gonna starve myself :p "Eating is the greatest pleasure"

    • Claytorasaurus


      Ride the bike for 20 miles. Eat a plateful of Chicken Curry and Rice. It is awesome having a cook from Southern India in the family!

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