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Video/Photographers working out.

  • 14.6.2011 Message from the group creator:

  • Welcome to the movescount group for Photographers and videographers working out.

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  • jfcalypso


    Hello to all and all, Can you test one of my applications in your sporting activities. App area - Search - enter: jfcalypso - if you love, click on the bottom of the application page, for the say - Cordially and good day

  • nugged


    Hi there sporty p!

    I am using Sony DSLR A900 some very-pro optics, but I think it's not too important which hardware, it's just helps for pro to get faster and better shot, but man is over camera and hardware, so we need to practice in photo like in running, every, every, every inch. That's my viewpoint.

    Also, I created some compact-but-clever apps for Ambit-1 so join to use them: Ambit_Smart_Applications_from_Nugged

  • jbkalla


    Has anybody else had a problem with the heart rate strap staying in contact with their body? I switched back to my Garmin HR strap (now that the Ambit supports ANT ), which seems to work better.

  • jbkalla


    I really like the Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures ideas/sites, but decided to upgrade my Forerunner 405CX to a Suunto Ambit. I look forward to seeing what it and this site can do! The battery life of the Ambit is a huge improvement!

    Mostly, I hike and trail-run around Colorado, carrying a Canon 5DIII, 16-35L, 70-200L, and sometimes the 300L 1.4x or the 40STM.

  • bigkidfallsdown


    Awesome group!

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