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  • ”Thank you all for joining the Suunto Divers group, and congratulations to Kervin who has won the brand new Suunto D6i! Kervin; check your email and we’ll send you more information about how to receive your prize. Keep on diving everyone!”

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  • CatSpi67


    Hi! I set up my Suunto Eon Steel yesterday after upgrading DM4 to DM5. I set up the Eon and disconnected it. Then I connected my HelO2, which was previously synced with DM4, and which Suunto say is compatible with DM5 too. The HelO2 comes up as connected, but the download doesn't proceed past 0% downloaded. The dive computer stays in data transfer, and none of my last dives are downloaded from the dive computer. Does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix?

  • Yarko


    Just came back from the Andaman Sea in Thailand where I did 5 dives. Saw my first Mantas!!! (3 of them, largest about 4m wingspan). Gorgeous, and great corals too. Highly recommend :)

  • jfcalypso


    Hello, can you test, one of my applications in your sporting activities. In " Plan&Create " ; in "App Zone" ; in " Search Apps " ; input : jfcalypso . Kind regards

  • opperud


    Hello all. I'm trying to find out if the Suunto D4/6/9/Xi has a stopwatch function while used as a bottom timer (Free mode). from the manual it looks as if it doesn't, but I would be grateful for any info on this. It seems weird to me if this practical function is not available...? Thanks :)

    • SCUBAJosh4Life


      the d4i new firmware allows the use of the timer if you turn dive mode off, great for the pool as an instructor :)

      Josh - PADI MSDT

    • dpurvee


      d6i has a stopwatch function,

    • dpurvee


      and it is available during a dive

  • HelenHu


    Hello everyone,love running climbing and scuba diving,from China,thx 大家好,新人加入,爱好跑步,潜水,请多多指教,谢谢!

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