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We are a group of passionate trail runners who like to run on all surfaces all over the world and we do so with the best of gear!

  • 25.3.2011 Message from the group creator:

  • Although this is a group of Team Salomon members, we are open and happy to welcome anyone to join us in our mission to run trails and promote our sport.

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    • jfcalypso


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    • JukkaHuovinen


      Do you have an Android mobile? Check this application for Movescount :D Live event tracking for everyone and great post analysis in Movescount! Free 7-days trial!

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    • chilexx


      What shoes do you all run in? I am using Speedcross 2 and looking forward to the Spikecross 3. Also i use the XT Wings S-lab 3. I just ran a moutain orienteering race in my Speedcross, i was mostly happy with them but they lack grip on wet stone and ice, i think the Spikecross will be perfect there. I use Salomon mainly because my leggs and feet like the comfort of the shoes.


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      • AdamChase


        Christian, you may want to try the Fellcross as it has a burly outsole that is an ace when it comes to traction on wet ground.

      • chilexx


        So you suggesting me to get the fellcross instead of spikecross? I think the speedcross dose it for me on "soft"ground tho. Sorry for my absence but ive catch a cold last week... Since both spikecross and fellcross are pretty expensive ill be happy for any advice before i make my purchase. //Christian

      • AdamChase


        For the snow and ice, I think the Spikecross will do quite nicely. If, however, you have mud and some snow/sloppy ground, the Fellcross is rather rugged with excellent traction. The Spikecross is THE shoe for ice, however, so if you often confront ice on your runs, that's the shoe for you. Hope you are feeling better from the cold.

      • chilexx


        Thanks Adam, you know i live in Sweden, we have snow 3-5 months a year, BUT some winters is just sloppy mild winters with mostly mud and snowmud. Well this is a though one, i am gonna check out weight on them both i think they lowerd the drop to 4mm on both shoes? /Christian

    • chilexx


      Hello all! I just got my Suunto watch, dont know if you want a trailrunning Sweed in here to?

      • jimstritz


        Welcome! The trick here is simply trying to keep up with Adam! Good luck! Train hard!

      • chilexx


        Haha ok i will try bit i can only make like 5-10h a week cus of work and small children.. We will see what i can do in september when i can logg trainin a hole month. And thanks!!

      • AdamChase


        All are welcome! The more the merrier, especially from distant lands. Thanks for joining.

    • AdamChase


      Jim, there are a lot of team members who don't even post most of their time. I'd be about 30 hours under most of Team Salomon if they kept up with Movescount.

      • jimstritz


        Scary but true I am sure! OMG ... I am not worthy to be in this company ... but it sure is fun trying to keep up! Heck - if I can get in 60hrs next month (about 30 less than you) I'll be really proud of that! My Ironman goal is locked and loaded!

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