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  • The essence of happiness lies in our evolution into better beings by achieving. Whatever your entry level is, there's no limit to what you can achieve as long as you commit yourself fully. Use each other's statistics to find extra motivations and feel free to post in the groups for any sort of help you may need! :-) Gabriele Pinto - Zuljin74

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  • mnmleek

    3 days ago

    I have an Suunto Ambit 2 and a bike Pod. Now the Bike Pod and my basic Kilometercounter are different from eachother; in 110 km the Suunto counts 4 kilometers less. So I want to calibrate my suunto. I want to punt in the calibration factor 1.024 but I can't find the menu 'Calibrate' in the modus Speed /Distance. Can anyone help me?

  • songplayer

    2 weeks ago

    I also need some help with Movescount. Movescount has worked OK for me for a couple of years but now...I am unable to view and edit individual moves. "My Latest Moves" is there, but on selecting any move all I get is a blank (well black) page only showing headings and not any data. Anybody else had this?

  • tarmoounap

    3 weeks ago

    Hi I use M5 wiht HRM and GPS Track Pod and i get with 1 run, 2 different moves. one with GPS data and second with HRM data. How to avoid that ? I,d like all that data in one moves.

  • angela79

    3 weeks ago

    Ciao a tutti ho bisogno del vostro aiuto. Vorrei regalare al mio compagno un suunto x il compleanno, già ne ha uno che gli ho regalto tanti tanti anni fa, se non sbaglio era un advizor. Lui fa MTB e vorrei qualcosa di pertinente cos ami consigliate?

    Grazie a tutti Angela

  • mehranramsey

    3 weeks ago

    I am new in this forum. I am planning to climb Matterhorn(Hornli Ridge),Monte Rosa in August. How go I get routes and/or waypoints for these climbs?

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