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  • The essence of happiness lies in our evolution into better beings by achieving. Whatever your entry level is, there's no limit to what you can achieve as long as you commit yourself fully. Use each other's statistics to find extra motivations and feel free to post in the groups for any sort of help you may need! :-) Gabriele Pinto - Zuljin74

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  • Soaring138

    1 weeks ago

    Then it is easy: RESULT = Suunto.distance(SUUNTO_GPS_LATITUDE, SUUNTO_GPS_LONGITUDE, 48.xxxx, 8.xxxx); postfix = "km";

    Today, I can only calculate the distance with a fix Point...

  • Soaring138

    1 weeks ago

    How can I save the starting coordinates and insert them automatically in the code ? Then it is easy:

  • Soaring138

    1 weeks ago

    Hello, I would like to write a Programm to calculate the distance between me and the GPS-Point where I started the exercise. (Function GoBackTo)

  • dvmsale

    1 weeks ago

    I have suunto ambit 2, and wont to bay suunto bike pod.Will it work with suunto ambit 2?

  • prescottl

    2 weeks ago

    Are way points downloaded to Movescount? If so, how can I view them on the map?

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