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  • The essence of happiness lies in our evolution into better beings by achieving. Whatever your entry level is, there's no limit to what you can achieve as long as you commit yourself fully. Use each other's statistics to find extra motivations and feel free to post in the groups for any sort of help you may need! :-) Gabriele Pinto - Zuljin74

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    • jfcalypso

      3 days ago

      Hello, can test you one of my applications in your sporting activities. Nice day. Kind regards. Here is the link:

    • salamber


      Has anyone ever had the issue when they set-up a workout and turned it on and it instantly with through all the laps?

    • lawdog233


      Help with app so I can get mile splits automatically rather than hitting lap button every mile. Thanks

    • stasiek26


      Anyone help my

    • stasiek26


      Hello all my name is pawel and i have little problem i've bought suunto abit3 run and i can't parry my watch with my cellphone lg spirit

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