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  • The essence of happiness lies in our evolution into better beings by achieving. Whatever your entry level is, there's no limit to what you can achieve as long as you commit yourself fully. Use each other's statistics to find extra motivations and feel free to post in the groups for any sort of help you may need! :-) Gabriele Pinto - Zuljin74

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  • SarahGriggs

    2 hours ago

    Hi, I have a suunto ambitz2 s which iI am just about to start using once I can solve this problem! I Understand the battery should last up to 60hrs, but if I charge it up on my PC, having set the correct time, it goes dead after a few hours, say overnight if it isn't kept plugged in and then the time has got unset again which is very frustrating! My guess is that this is happening because the gps is searching constantly for a signal. If this is indeed ther case, how do I turn off the gps search

  • jfcalypso


    Hello, can you test, one of my applications in your sporting activities. In " Plan&Create " ; in "App Zone" ; in " Search Apps " ; input : jfcalypso . Kind regards

  • fede11


    Hi, I'm a triathlete and I've just bought the Ambit3 Peak coming from a Garmin Fenix2 I like movescount but I'm used to have all my activities in Strava and is here the problem. When you synchronize a triathlon from movescount to Strava, you get a single track in strava with all the three sports fused and not the three single activities. This is pretty mush useless in strava... I was wandering if there's any method to export from movescount just a single sport, or if it exsists a tool to do so.

  • pirminb


    why does Moveslink hide in C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\root\Lokale Einstellungen\Apps\2.0\2EXOATNK.GRY\05ZQ794W.PR2\move..tion_3ccae3cb2a36e2f5_0001.0001_bc32345a29a36ff6 ??? Thought it was a virus and deleted it...

  • gparsons


    Hi, I'm brand new to Movescount, but I cannot get my Ambit 2S to appear when I log in. I have downloaded the Mac software for the Ambit, and when I plug the watch into the Mac it appears to download my latest moves. However… I can't find the downloaded moves. I have called the help desk, which didn't answer, and left a message. Can anyone help please? cheers

    • bradolwin


      Not clear on what you are looking for here. Are the moves in Movescount? You can download them from Movescount into other formats. The moves are stored locally on your Mac but only for a week or two. Those are in ~/Library/Application Support/Suunto/Moveslink2. You can copy them but don't remove them.

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