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1129 members, Created 19.5.2010 by Tony French

Group for any UK users of any type/standard.

Set up by novice user.

  • 28.3.2012 Message from the group creator:

  • Welcome to the informal General UK group!

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    • minyy

      4 days ago

      Hello UK !!! from Norway

      • Steve_Mo

        2 days ago

        Hello Norway from the UAE :)

    • AndrewBrant


      Anyone know how to tag a photo to the maps? Thanks

      • iansimpson


        Hi Andrew

        As long as your photo has GPS data in it (i.e. if its been taken with a phone or GPS enabled camera) then you can either add the photo through the edit facility on your move or if you have the Movescount app installed on a smartphone you took the photo with you can do it by adding images direclty into the move once it has synced from your watch. Hope this helps.

    • AndrewBrant


      Hi Guys had A3 a few weeks and still learning but is it possible to get the watch to bleep every mile when in use? and if yes anyone know how to set it up? Cheers

      • iansimpson


        Hi Andrew, I've had mine a week or so and did the following to get the autolap cues to work. In Movescount go to your watch and open up the advanced settings within the sportmode that you want mile cue for, ensure the autolap is turned on and the interval distance is set to 1 mile. You'll also need to ensure that tones are set to on in the general settings. Hope this helps, Ian.

    • SirTom


      Black Rock 5 race comming up (Hi Kazzy73)

    • SnapGate


      Don't know if anyone else has come across this but I seem to have found a bug on Movescount when creating POI's. I've been converting OSGB references into Lat/Lon using (which does this quite nicely btw!). I then took the Lat/Lon and in the POI creation entered this as the search criteria on the map. The results 'appear' to be correct visually but if you save the POI and then review the Lat/Lon it has saved it's very much different so BEWARE! Entering the Lat/Lon manually works OK!

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