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1014 members, Created 19.5.2010 by Tony French

Group for any UK users of any type/standard.

Set up by novice user.

  • 28.3.2012 Message from the group creator:

  • Welcome to the informal General UK group!

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  • SirTom

    1 weeks ago

    My first 1/2 Marathon next week - Prague. Looking forward. And maybe a celebratory beer afterwards.

  • Antho_WWR

    1 weeks ago

    Hi guys! Just joined the Suunto family with a Ambit 3 Run. Been on Polar RC3 GPS for 2 and a half year. Looking forward to use the most of my new toy!

  • AndrewIsherwood

    2 weeks ago

    nice to meet you all! had my Ambit 2 for around a month love it.

  • Felldancer


    Hi everyone.Had a new Ambit for Xmas and already scratched it any suggestions for a quick remedy otherwise it has to be sent back to Finland.I would rather it stayed on my wrist recording my fell runs

    • richslaney


      you could buy and try a product called Polywatch to polish out the scratches, or take it to a good jewellers and ask them to do it.

  • TimChidgey


    Hi, can anyone tell me please how the authorise to Strava actually works? I went through the online process but it didn't really ask for any details?

    • Maxhomer


      Hi did you get an answer to this as I'm also a new user and can't get strata paired despite linking them?

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