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People in the United States that are using Suunto technology to rock their world! Plus - anyone else that wants some stiff competition!

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  • May is an awesome month! Get out an rock some moves!

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    • JasonCraneRE

      5 days ago

      Five months of training across 4 states - NH, FL, CO & OR - for my dream to climb Mount Rainier, Seattle, WA, beginning next Wednesday, 6/1/16. 14,411 feet. Participating in a guided climb of the Camp Muir Trail with 7 other members on the team, plus the guide.

    • Zinnusn1


      Hey what's going on. Got my ambit peak 3 a while back and haven't really done much with it. My usual activities include Shooting, and motorsports. Anyone in Florida who's in this group that is doing any trail walking or anything in that nature let me know because I would love to join.

      • JasonCraneRE

        5 days ago

        I did Sugarloaf Mountain in Clermont, FL last week. 312 ft. above sea level, tallest point on the Florida Peninsula. Beautiful, distant views of Lake Apopka & downtown Orlando. It's just a short road hike.

    • zevdekoff


      Hey guys, if anyone is an app maker for movescount would you like to make a motorsport app for 0-60, 0-120, 1/4 mile time, or any other cool feature you could think of? I would love to do it but I have zero experience making apps of any kind :/ Thanks!

      • zevdekoff


        If it could be compatible with the traverse as well that would be great!

    • jimstritz


      Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Rock a MOVE then grab some green beer!

    • Kforbus


      What do people use as a charger for the Traverse in the backwoods on multiple day trips?

      • swarts2


        I've had good success using external cell phone battery chargers (with USB connections) over fairly short trips. You can get a pretty good one on amazon for about 15 bucks. I've seen a number of USB enabled solar panels too, but I haven't used them yet.

      • johnkidd


        This thing would last you a LONG time, and its cheap! I have a smaller version that gets the job done with plenty to spare for a 2-3 day hike.

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