• Getting started

Few steps how to start in Movescount.
1. Joining Movescount

Creating a new account is really simple. First, just hit the register link at the top of the page. Then, you just need to give a valid email address and then provide a user name and password. Lastly, you need to confirm your account in the email Movescount has sent you.

2. Fine-tuning your account settings

It is important that you define all the required values in settings correctly. Movescount uses this information in various calculations. We need to know something about you so we can tell you what’s happening inside your body, and so that your progress can be tracked accurately.

3. Using Movescount without a device

You can also use Movescount without any device. Just log in to Movescount and add your latest Moves in your private Moves page. You can place those details about your activities that are interesting to you. By adding your Moves, you can easily get overall picture what you have done during the last weeks with calendar and summaries.

4. Using Movescount with a Suunto device

You can connect your device to Movescount with Moveslink software. Get your free software from the Moveslink page. There you will also get guidance on how to use various Suunto devices with Movescount.

5. Go to community

It might be interesting to see what others are doing and how they’re doing it. Go to the community and browse through the Moves, other members and different groups. You can find new routes to run and places to explore. You joined a community, after all, so are you ready to join the action?

Movescount team