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  • 28.7.2014
    • Plongée avec bouteille 0:35'40
      Dive #3 of my Cozumel trip is on Palancar Reef. While the reefs around Cozumel didn't seem to have as much wildlife as other places I've been, they did offer some amazing swim throughs. On this dive, we passed through one tunnel that was about 60' long and started at a depth over 100'!
    • Escalade 4:06'17.5 Fréquence cardiaque moyenne 104 bpm, 2,60 km
      Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) Basic Mountaineering School (BMS) field day #5, "Third Rock". Traveled to Boulder to climb Seal Rock. My first multi-pitch climb. Had an amazing time.
    • Raquettes à neige 3:26'29.9 Fréquence cardiaque moyenne 116 bpm, 2,75 km
      Third field day of AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course. Planned and executed a tour near Mount Russell to observe conditions and avoid dangerous terrain.
  • 28.12.2013
    • Escalade 2:00'06.9 Fréquence cardiaque moyenne 111 bpm
      There's a small canyon in Ouray, CO where beautiful ice walls are farmed. The story goes something like a water pipe running through the park leaked one year, creating great ice climbs in the canyon. Some enterprising folks worked it out such that there are now taps off the water pipe to facilitate the reliable creation of ice waterfalls. My first time ice climbing (and climbing outdoors, for that matter) took place in this little town in southwestern Colorado. An awesome experience learning the techniques and tools; one I hope to experience again soon!
    • Trekking 9:45'16.3 Fréquence cardiaque moyenne 137 bpm, 15,68 km
      My fourth Fourteener is the tallest in Colorado, as well as the tallest mountain in the Rockies. Mount Elbert stands at 14,400' in the Sawatch range, not far from Leadville, CO. Took the standard route via Northeast Ridge. Missed the first turn onto Colorado Trail, but thankfully a good samaritan pointed out the mistake. Doubled-back and then began down the Colorado Trail until it branched off to Mount Elbert. Once past the tree line, it seems like the ascent continued forever. There's a false summit or two along the way, but managed to push through to reach the top for some great views.
    • Plongée avec bouteille 0:28'40
      Dive #10 was my favorite of my Bonaire trip. The wreck of the Hilma Hooker sits in about 100' of water on the western edge of Bonaire. While it's accessible from shore, our group approached the site by boat. The experience of descending an anchor line is one of my favorite scuba experiences, particularly as the depth increases and the wreck comes into view. Spent a few minutes exploring the wreck and can now joke about how my trip involved limited penetration of a Hooker ;)
    • Trekking 6:04'34.8 Fréquence cardiaque moyenne 149 bpm, 10,76 km
      Mount Bierstadt is one of the easier Fourteeners, making it a good choice for my first. Left Denver around 5am and arrived at Guanella Pass Trailhead a little before 7am. The first mile or so snaked through marsh land. There were some boardwalks in place, making traversal easy. After about three quarters of a mile, I had to cross a small creek, my 25lb pack challenging my balance. Past the creek, the ascent begins. It took just shy of three hours for me to get to the top. The last 500 feet or so is talus, giving the ascent its "Class 2" rating. After a snack while enjoying the views, began my descent. Return time was about the same, but felt like much, much longer as I struggled to move my weakened legs. Overall, an excellent introduction to the front range.
  • 2.3.2013
    • Plongée avec bouteille 0:49'20
      Third dive in Bonne Terre Mine. The day's final dive ("Trail 4") began with a descent of the underwater staircase we ascended at the end of "Trail 2". We swam down and across some of the deeper areas of the mine, before arriving at an elevator shaft. Much of the elevator's structure was still in place: massive wooden beams projecting into the floors above and down far below could be seen with a light. After spending a few minutes at the elevator, we returned to the dock area and ascended. [Bonne Terre Mine, Bonne Terre, MO, USA]
    • Plongée avec bouteille 1:00'00
      Third day diving in Kona, HI. The second of two dives, once again on Garden Eel Cove, a reef of moderate depth. Very similar to the first manta night dive. This time I remembered to bring my camera, but unfortunately it flooded toward the end of the manta show. Luckily, the CF card was not damaged and I was able to recover the photos from my dives. A great way to finish my diving in HI. [Garden Eel Cove, Kona, HI, USA]
    • Plongée avec bouteille 0:26'00
      First day of dive trip in the Florida Keys. Third dive is a wreck dive on the Duane. The Duane was an intentionally sunk USCG ship with the intent of creating an artificial reef. It's an excellent site because the ship is properly oriented on the bottom. It's a deep dive at about 100' for most of it. Entry was along a granny line to the anchor line. Then descent down anchor line to the ship. Lots of similar sea life around the ship, but also a couple of big bull sharks and some barracuda. Performed to standard a buddy out-of-air drill before returning to anchor line for ascent. Did a one minute deep stop at the partial total depth, then a three minute safety stop. Returned along granny line to boat. [USCG Duane, Key Largo, FL, USA]

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