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Vuokatti Hiihto Virtual Event! Join! :-)

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Created by JukkaHuovinen
Sotkamo, Finland
Cross-country skiing
24.3.2012 - 25.3.2012

15-20 top skiers' location and hr will be tracked in live by Realtime Events - Android application for Movescount.

Saturday 9:40am (GMT +2:00) 60km freestyle, Sunday 10am 55km classic style.

You can attend just by watching it in live at home (works with all computers and smart phones).

Vuokatti Hiihto is one of the most famous cross-country skiing events in Finland. There are over 2000 participants annually.

Chat with other sport fans in live map:

Live action during the event can also be checked from here:

  • Results

  • 2:13 h

    1029 kcal

    13.57 km/h

1. Vesterinen 3:35'31.3 hours 109 bpm 52.37 km 14.58 km/h 25.3.2012
2. VeikkoL 4:32'27.9 hours 126 bpm 37.50 km 8.26 km/h 24.3.2012
3. mythi 7:24'09 hours 79 bpm 121.0 km 12.55 km/h Show Moves


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    • Shoutbox

    • JukkaHuovinen


      Today's freestyle winner was Jim Härtull and all the top three was tracked by RTE :-) Results from the main start can be checked from here: 60 km V

      • olin


        Crap, I didn't pay attention at the local time and missed it by two hour. When is the next one? I am doing to Houston tomorrow and will try to find a new Xperia at a cheap price from there.

      • JukkaHuovinen


        Hi. It was nice race and we were a bit lucky since all the top guys were tracked :-) Well - there are also snowscooters with application to show where leader and main group is :-) Tomorrow (sunday) the main start is 10a.m. (GMT 2h).

      • SariKooKoo


        It was kind of cool to see the people on the map. One would assume this to become a super popular in competitions and races of all kind!

    • mythi


      I may not be able to join the virtual part as I'm going to Vuokatti in person :)

      • JukkaHuovinen


        Great!!! I might have additional mobile for you - would you like to put it on during the race :D We are definitely encouraging here!!! :-)

      • mythi


        I had the tracker today. Where can I find the data?

      • JukkaHuovinen


        Excellent! I sent the Team M client for you :-) Enjoy the post analysis of the race! :-)

    • JaymoPhysio


      A light run tomorrow in the Move Battle! Let's see if my TRIMP score is near to 352! I'll watch the ski event online from my comfy sofa!

      • JukkaHuovinen


        It was a tough battle again :-) OK day for me, but Ville really did well too. This was my 2hours: move4570305

    • RealtimeEvents


      Still 7 days to go... In the meantime there is always some action in the Live Map. It is the Move Battle day today! If you are not in this yet, check it:


    • pasu


      Looks interresting. This wil be attended from sommer cottage and couch. :)

      • JukkaHuovinen


        It sounds a great plan :-) This kind of events must be created more in the future :-)

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    • MarkoPiipponen
    • KatiVehmas_MTB
    • TeemuLemmettyla
    • MarathonSkier
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    • TarmoHamalainen
    • IlkkaKasila
    • JarkkoKantola

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