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Created by akuvaramaki

Bored of running the same route, at the same pace, with the same people and in the same gear over and over again? So are we! That's why we created the Break the Routine event.

Break the Routine is a running campaign that challenges you to break your running conventions. Forget about regular routes, pace, company or gear. Leave your regular running tracks, run backwards, in an unusal place, in unusual gear, high-five everyone you see - do whatever you have to do to break the dullness. Break the Routine is all about fun and freedom!

This is how you can participate: 1) Join in this event 2) Make a routine-breaking 10 kilometer running Move on December 5th, and 3) Write a story, add photos and videos, and share your Move on Movescount.

The most unconventional, routine-breaking Moves done on December 5th will be awarded with Movescount T-shirts and a Suunto M5!

  • Results

  • 1:04 h

    762 kcal

    10.54 km/h

1. Hazelinde 0:49'47.8 hours 158 bpm 10.11 km 12.18 km/h 5.12.2010
2. akuvaramaki 0:50'20.9 hours 162 bpm 9.03 km 10.76 km/h 5.12.2010
3. nige2 0:50'56.9 hours 164 bpm 10.18 km 11.99 km/h 5.12.2010
4. Irski 0:55'27.4 hours 155 bpm 10.71 km 11.59 km/h 5.12.2010
5. Cinnaberry 1:07'32.1 hours 138 bpm 11.86 km 10.54 km/h 5.12.2010
6. tomi177 1:13'00 hours 180 bpm 10.00 km 8.22 km/h 5.12.2010
7. trip 1:38'00 hours 143 bpm 16.29 km 9.97 km/h 5.12.2010


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    • Shoutbox

    • akuvaramaki


      After some thought we decided that undisputed winner of the M5 is tomi177! Congrats Tomi! :) We'll also send Movescount T-shirts to everyone who added their Moves into the event!

      Thanks for making this a fun event! You're fantastic!

      • akuvaramaki


        Could you send me an email at so we can discuss the details. Thanks! :)

    • tomi177


      It was the wildest run in my life, the neighbors think I'm crazy

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      • akuvaramaki


        Well their opinion of you isn't too far off ;)

      • teemum


        Great vid tomi! Super funny ;)

      • nige2


        Fantastic video, great run

      • JanneKallio


        perhaps next event should be Run around you house 200 times!

    • trip


      I run a 16km trail with my wife, funny, a river to cross ...

    • akuvaramaki


      Have you noticed Tomi( and Hazelinde's ( videos? Absolutely fantastic!

    • akuvaramaki


      Did you have fun running? Glad to see so many Moves! :)

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