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  • 11.7.2015
    • Correr 0:24'43.1 Frecuencia cardíaca media 165 lpm, 5,05 km
      5 km road race. Beat my goal of under 25 min. I was 351 of 900 or so overall and 2nd in the male 65-69 class. Not much speed or interval training yet. HR very high--maybe because of excitement. Lower legs sore because I am not used to running on hard roads. Training for 9 weeks since hip injury. I will go back to slower trail running with maybe one fast training session per week.
    • Correr 0:29'03.5 Frecuencia cardíaca media 147 lpm, 5,97 km
      Intervals, 1 mile, 3x 800, several 500 m--HR very low and felt very good, since I am only 6 weeks since I started running again after being off for 5 weeks with a fractured tow. I am surprised at how fast I can run with a hard but not all out effort.
    • Carrera de montaña 0:31'51.6 Frecuencia cardíaca media 150 lpm, 5,04 km
      First run in over 15 months due to injury and neurological dysfunction. Did a little treadmill jogging to get my legs and ready. Great, since a month again I doubted whether I would ever be able to run again. 21oC, 98% humidity. COL, moderate hills
    • Correr 0:23'40.7 Frecuencia cardíaca media 161 lpm, 5,13 km
      Global Health Initiative 5 K road race at university, first race of year. I was first in over 59 years old and 11th overall. Felt good, HR a little low, left calf a little gimpy on last quarter mile. temp 40 oF, 5 oC, only very shallow hills. Achieved my goal of under 24 min. Beat Mark and Jordan but about 5 s behind Bruce K. Very even pace with faster last 600 m. Not sure which race is next, but the goal will be under 23:00 min for 5 k. My top speed is faster than last year.
  • 26.3.2013
    • Correr 0:22'58.2 Frecuencia cardíaca media 153 lpm, 5,03 km
      1 mile on treadmill, 800 m hard on 200 m track, 4 x 400 m hard with 2 minute rest, then hard 200 m, then tempo running. Felt good at 5 k pace and faster. Not sure why max HR is so low. Hope that I can race at HR = 170 when in shape for speed.
    • Correr 0:34'36.2 Frecuencia cardíaca media 147 lpm, 6,88 km
      Treadmill, 2 x 1 mile (20 k to 10 k pace) + 2 x half mile (10 k pace) + 2 x 400 meters (1500 m pace). then 400 meters on 8% incline (800m effort), them moderate running. HR very low; moderately hard workout.
    • Correr 0:26'15.4 Frecuencia cardíaca media 151 lpm, 5,33 km
      1 mile increasing pace on treadmill, then 3 x 800 m 10 k pace on 200 m indoor track, then 2 x 400 m at 1500-3000 m pace, walk about 60-90 s with watch paused betweeen efforts. HR very low, legs and lungs need more speed work to run at 13 k/h pace. Moderate workout, will do easy distance tomorrow.
    • Correr 0:33'42.1 Frecuencia cardíaca media 148 lpm, 6,44 km
      Mostly about 800 m repeats on treadmill, very low HR, two with 3 and 6% and 2 and 4% inclines. Felt great at all speeds! Walked 60-90 s with watch off between runs.
  • 20.10.2012
    • Carrera de montaña 2:01'35.2 Frecuencia cardíaca media 142 lpm, 21,18 km
      hilly, uneven trails, longest run, half marathon, not hard, but hard enough to tire legs. fell at about mile 3, knees getting bruised. temp about 8 oC trails a bit muddy
    • Correr 0:23'23 Frecuencia cardíaca media 163 lpm, 5,00 km
      5 km race around Bixler Lake, I was 8th overall and 4th for over 30 y old. very windy, small hills, temp 20 oC. New PR by 50 s over this July . mile splits 7:30, 7:43, 7:24, fast last 400 m. Mostly paved 1 mile on Forest trail
    • Carrera de montaña 0:24'56.5 Frecuencia cardíaca media 160 lpm, 5,23 km
      5 km trail race--longer than 5 km, flat but rough, very uneven surface. I was 3rd of about 40 overall and first in the 60-99 year old class. Felt good--hope to go under 23 min in late October 5 km. beat a 33 year old professor from my department. temp cool 8 oC, windy.
    • Correr 0:48'28.2 Frecuencia cardíaca media 165 lpm, 10,04 km
      10 km race--beat my goal of 50:00. I was something like 68/1500 overall and 1st/34in the male 60-64 class. Running hard but able to go faster over the last mile. very even pace. great weather, starting temp 10oC. first 5 k 24:30, second 23:58. ran the whole distance with a 33 and a 45 yr old woman.
  • 9.9.2012
    • Ciclismo 5:33'18 Frecuencia cardíaca media 141 lpm, 160,2 km
      Hancock Horizontal Hundred--maybe the flattest century in the country. Nice conditions, temp 15-20 oC, mostly cloudy, not much wind. Peg was sore from a run yesterday and that slowed us down. Toward end, I was riding very hard at HR = 140. I am ticked off--the download failed and now the programs won't let me enter the move manually

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