• 28 Moves
    29:57 h
    139,9 km
    6486 kcal
  • Moves extraordinarios
  • 7.1.2017
    • Nat. piscina 0:41'41.8, 1,80 km
      I was worried about swimming a mile. For some reason, I felt what if...but everything went better than I planned. When I saw my watch first, I thought I swam a mile in 39 minutes and I put my glasses on. "Wow!" was my reaction. I swam much faster than I used to swim and I was even pushing hard. It was a confidence builder. Every move counts, Let's be active. Life is good!!!
    • Correr 4:13'49 Frecuencia cardíaca media 143 lpm, 42,19 km
      I am not gonna lie....this might have been the hardest things I ever done. I pushed myself to the limit mentally and physically. I might be feeling this way because the pain is so fresh in my mind. After all, this is a marathon. Back in 490 B.C., the first person who ran a marathon died after completing the distance. I am sure when I finished Ironman Canada back in 2012, I thought it was the hardest thing I ever done also. My legs felt fresh at first...Great! The adrenaline was kicking in. I repeated more than thousand times, "Start slowly." It was the advice from Coach Renee which stuck to my mind. During Tucson Marathon last December, I went 8:30 per mile pace from the beginning, but I blew up at the mile 20. That memory was fresh and I couldn't let that happen this time. I was passed by many people at the beginning, but I kept my heart rate in check. I thought it takes a lot of discipline to pace myself because of the temptation to keep up with faster people. Soon I began to pass those people who went too fast at the beginning by the hundreds. I ran the first half in 2:01:43. "Great!" I thought. I was still in the pace for my personal best. It was pure joy when I saw my wife Donna cheering me on at mile 16. "You have a catch up to do," she said as I went by. "Yay!" I said to myself when I passed the magic mile marker 20. I cramped hard during the last marathon at the mile 20. I remember the pain like yesterday. I thought my feeding plan must have been working. I grabbed a small cup of water at every aid station. I sipped a bottle of Accelerade through out the run and ate a Clif Bar after two hours. I also consumed Power Gels every hour. I began to see my pace started to go down around 21 miles. I realized my plan of "Run the first 20 miles and race the last 6 miles" was impossible. Without a warning near the mile marker 23, I cramped up violently. Every time I tried to take a step, the entire part of my legs cramped up...calf, quads and hamstrings as though they were screaming at me, "Stop this shit!" I cramped up for over a minute. I said to myself, "I am a descendent of a Samurai warrior...I can't give up." I may not act like one in my daily life, but when my back is against a wall, my true self comes out. I regrouped myself and began to shuffle my feet. "I am almost done," I repeated it to myself over hundred times. The next 3.2 miles turned out to be the longest and the hardest run I ever had. When I saw the finishing gate, I thought I was seeing a gate to heaven. I finished the marathon in 4:17:16, which was well over my goal time. But my main goal is always to finish. So I met my goal. Additionally I brought my badass side out. I did my best and that's all it counts. It's not about being faster or better. It's about overcoming any situation, it's about giving my best, it's about beating my mind when it tells me to quit. But I have a homework to do to say the least. I have cramped up during the every single marathon I ever done. Is it due to my nutrition or is it because of my pacing? Was I undertrained? If I was strong physically as much as mentally, I would be an excellent athlete for sure. I just want to run a marathon without cramping at least once... Every move counts. Let's be active. Life is good!!
    • 27.2.2016

      Go Time!

    • Correr 0:59'45.6 Frecuencia cardíaca media 149 lpm, 11,36 km
      I felt strange at first..."My legs don't hurt, " I said to myself. I was so used to running with my tired legs. I felt well rested. This was my first leg in Ragnar Del Sol 2016. I had to remind myself, "Slow down. Don't go too fast." In fact, I felt so good approximately three miles from the finish that I picked up my speed and ran all out. "What happened to you, honey? You never run this fast, " my wife Donna said shortly after I finished. I was sky high. Every move counts. Let's be active. Life is good!
    • 19.2.2016
    • Correr 2:54'16.8 Frecuencia cardíaca media 134 lpm, 29,15 km
      Had I not promised Bob that I would run with him, I would not have gotten up at 4 am to go for a run. No wonder I was tired. I just finished working 86 hours this week. It was rather chilly when I started running and my legs felt tired. But soon I felt warm. I ran the first 6 miles alone with Under. At turnaround, my left Achilles started to hurt. It was more like a burning sensation. Later I found out after chatting with Coach Renee, it might be due to my tight hip flexor. She recommend foam rolling and stretching, which must have helped. Three days after the run as I write this comment, I no longer feel the pain. An eighteen-mile is really long to run alone. I was so thankful that Bob was able to run with me.. After the first few miles of the run with him, I noticed that a bite valve from my Camelbak was gone. Entire duration of the run, I thought it was so inconvenient since water keeps coming out as I opened a waster lock. I never thought I would find this little thing, but amazingly we saw it laying on sidewalk several miles from home. Needless to say, it was somewhat a challenging run because of long work hours this week. Every move counts. Let's be active. Life is good!!!
    • 11.2.2016

      Hory sheet! It's going to take this long to recover from this run!?


      Under's favorite treat during and after the run.


      I can't belive it. I found it!!!

  • 31.1.2016
    • Correr 3:37'02.4 Frecuencia cardíaca media 132 lpm, 33,91 km
      It was still painful...but it was not as bad as before. I ended up running 21 miles instead of 20. It was mentally tough since I ran by myself over 3 hours. Only saviors were my audiobooks and my dog Under. I haven't ran since last Sunday, but my knees were achy at the beginning. I ran in the pace that I felt comfortable. I had a second wind halfway and went down hill fast after that. My legs ached...It was pure exhaustion. I created a monster. Under had no problem covering the distance, but I think I need to get him shoes. His ad on left front paw is cracked. I am an animal abuser.... Every move counts. Let's be active. Life is good!!
    • 31.1.2016
    • Correr 3:31'00.4 Frecuencia cardíaca media 139 lpm, 35,43 km
      Everybody has a dream and a desire to fulfill that dream, if not, it might be time to start thinking of one. Big or small, it doesn't matter what it is, just pick one and work hard to make that dream a reality. I wanted to be a photojournalist. I wanted to have a great family and a child whom I am proud of. I wanted to finish an Ironman. I wanted to be a firefighter. I have accomplished all those things and now, I want to finish a marathon within a certain time. Today was the day I found out what I was made of. I am starting to doubt my ability to finish a marathon within my goal time. I was able to keep my pace until 18 miles into my run when suddenly, I couldn't keep up the pace anymore. It was a big disappointment to say the least. What is amazing is that my Under was still smiling when I could barely pick up my feet... Sometimes I wish I had some Golden Retriever DNA. Under is always happy, ready for action, and has an endless amount of energy. Every move counts. Let's be active. Life is good!!!
    • 10.11.2015

      Under is still smiling after the run.


      It's going to take 5 days to recover!?


      Under is always ready to run.


      Beautiful sunrise. This is why I like to run in the morning

    • Nat. aguas abie. 0:18'40.2 Frecuencia cardíaca media 137 lpm, 0,87 km
      After working 72 hours and having a shit pushed in (firefighter lingo---busy and only slept several hours) overnight, probably I should have gone home straight yesterday. But how could I miss an opportunity to swim a little at Saguaro Lake!? It was somewhat comforting to find out that I am not the only crazy person swimming at the lake in the morning. I saw two other people, whom I found out later that they were training for Ironman Canada which taking place in two weeks. Just to make it a habit, I had to remind myself to place the goggle straps under my swim cap, so I won't lose my goggle like I did in San Diego. First time ever swimming with a wetsuit, I felt no restriction around my arms and shoulders. I love my sleeveless wetsuit!!!!! I felt very free and at the same time, I felt my training finally really started to pay off. I think I am going to love an open water swimming! I could have swam faster, but I decided to pace myself....till I got tangled up with weeds in the water as I headed toward the shore. I don't know why I get myself into this kind of situation often, but I could see why people get drowned. I was so tangled up that I could not move my arms. I changed my stroke to a breast stroke which made the situation worse. This time I couldn't move my legs. I was just about to lose control. And I heard a voice..."Aren't you a firefighter who runs into a burning building!?" The voice in my head really calm me down and not to lose my focus and my strong mindset. I stopped swimming briefly and dove under water. I ripped all the weeds off my arms and legs and swam back to where I just came from where the water is weed free to asses the situation. I don't know why I get myself into this kind of situation often....but it's better to experience something like this before races than during actual competitions. This place is no San Diego, folks!! The water is so green, and it doesn't smell and taste good either. But needless to say, it was better than going home straight. After getting home, Kiyomi fixed me a delicious bagel sandwich and I took a two hour knap. I needed to catch up on my sleep. When the alarm clock woke me up at 4:30 am today, I decided to sleep in and skip my bike ride. Although I ended up sleeping over 12 hours, I am still worn out today. I wonder if I am too old to be a firefighter....no, I love my job. I just needed to sleep in today. That's all. I will be ready to go to work next week. Every move counts. Be active. Life is good!!
    • 10.7.2015

      This is no San Diego!!

    • Correr 1:47'30.4 Frecuencia cardíaca media 154 lpm, 21,11 km
      Who would have thought that I could run faster than my personal record in half marathon at the age of 54!? Certainly it wasn't me, but as we left the house this morning, I said to my wife Donna, "I think I am going for it, but it's going to really hurt..." "Just don't hurt yourself," she replied. My legs felt extremely light and I wasn't feel achy at all. I felt as though I was running with someone else's legs. "Pace yourself, " I kept telling myself. It was chilly in high 50's, but it turned out to be a perfect weather for running although it became slightly breezy. I cannot pin point one thing which helped me ran well today, but here are some I can think of. 1. I lost 9 pounds since last May. I have been watching what I eat closely. I have been using an app called MyFitnessPal and kept a food diary diligently. I try to eat balanced meal every day. When I had a food analysis done, I was told that I was not eating enough protein and good fat. 2. I had incredibly delicious coffee in the morning. 3. I had a great 600 calorie-breakfast. 4. I set my Suunto Ambit watch on per mile pace instead of heart rate, so I didn't know that I was about to blow up. I was more worried about my speed. 5. I used a ghost runner app and I really didn't know how to use it. My Suunto kept showing negative time, which made me think that I was behind my goal pace and I kept pushing myself faster and faster. 6. I kept telling myself, "It doesn't hurt. It shall soon end." 7. I listened to Happy by Pharrell Williams over 20 times, which made me believe that I was happy. 8. I took a rest day when I needed. Since I am older now, I never had back to back hard days of workout. I felt that the recovery is more important than beating myself up. I had to remind myself that I am doing this for fun. 9. Lastly, but not least, I cannot forget about my Hoka OneOne​. I didn't have any pain in my feet I used to feel when I ran this distance. I found out this afternoon that if I can keep this pace another 13 miles, I could have been 4 minutes short of Boston qualifying time in my age division. If I keep this speed till I am in 60's, I WILL qualify for Boston Marathon since the qualifying time slows considerably when it becomes 60's and above. Since I ran a$$ off, now I can barely walk... #hokaoneone #phoenixmarathon
    • 28.2.2015

      Time to get serious!

  • 10.2.2015
    • Ciclismo 1:51'27 Frecuencia cardíaca media 133 lpm, 54,91 km
      Since we had a late call, I couldn't leave the station till almost 9:00 am. I was thinking it was chilly and I put arm warmers and leg warmers, but as soon as I stepped outside, I had to ran back inside to take them off. It was a beautiful and perfect day for a ride. I came home about 6 minutes faster than the last time. I don't know what happened....maybe I just needed a rest. Or my training finally started to pay off. I am also happy that I didn't get a flat this time.

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