• With MXActivityMover it is possible to transfer your Garmin Connect / Polar Personaltrainer activities directly to Movescount.

    It is possible to transfer a single activity directly by id (Garmin / Polar) or by file upload (Garmin).

    Purchasing the full version will provide you the possibility to upload multiple activities at once. You can restrict the result by start time (from/to).

    The transfer is logged in a protocol so you can see which activities were already transfered, you can use this to get a kind of delta mechanism.

    If you wish a link to the original Garmin Connect / Polar Personaltrainer activity is also added in the notes field of the transfered Move.

  • Features

    • Transfer data directly from GARMIN Connect to SUUNTO Movescount.
    • Transfer data directly from Polar Personaltrainer to SUUNTO Movescount.
    • Upload Garmin TCX file(s) and then transfer to Movescount.


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.