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  • 6:15'42 Trailrunning

    My first ultra! 53km! Judith and I ran the 74k Ultra relay together since Ole was hurt (so I took his part as well). Went pretty well. Took it pretty slow and relaxed. Walked most of the uphills. Chatted with some folks. It rained a lot. Was rather cold. but not cold enough to wear rain clothes... Ate 4 isogels and 2 chocolate bars. probably 2 bananas. Drank maybe 3 liters. lots of water. little bit of isodrinks and cola later on. and a little cake later on. last 8 and especially last 3k felt rather hard... but I feel pretty okay now, suprisingly good... slab x-series slab hydro 12 set skins garmin 110

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    2:56'58 Trailrunning

    today was hard. the heart rate agrees. it was hot, but I am not sure if that is the whole explanation. a good run nonetheless. and the water over my head afterwards was great and some barefoot walking and drinking a lot

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    1:48'27 Trailrunning

    little mountan or rather hill training with judith

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    2:21'23 Trailrunning

    First long run in a while. Did not feel too strong but not too shabby. Can still do it. Included some climbing and exploring and taking fotos and walking the more difficult uphills. Still ran a bit too fast maybe.

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    1:54'53 Trailrunning

    Sauerland Höhenflug Trailrun Half-Marathon. Great weather and a beautiful course. The most singletrail we ever had in a race. Exhausted from renovating and little sleep, but the legs felt still strong. Back and stomach caused some problems so I had to walk and pee a bit to often. Probably drank to much. But it was still very enjoyable and well worth the drive! Oh, and my 100th move this year. ...:)

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  • 26.4.2015
    • Trailrunning 2:55'15, 30,53 km
      Hermannslauf 2015! 31.1KM! Longest race as of yet. And the biggest as well with 7000 participants. Judith and Ole ran great races too. Ran the first 20km with Ole. Ate one slice of banana at the first big aid station and one iso-gel. two slices of banana at km 18 and one gel at km 21. was maybe a bit to much to eat. and maybe a bit to much to drink. but besides a little bit of knee and back pain it all went way better than expected. could run comfortably and even faster at the end without going too fast. need to do my planks more regularly!!
    • Laufen 0:19'54, 5,00 km
      decided to race a local 5k this morning. The Allwetterzoolauf. Finished in 19:58. :) Started maybe a bit fast. Very constant after that. Some sidestitches the last k, but legs felt as if they could have gone faster. Pretty nice, especially after yesterdays run
    • Trailrunning 2:13'24 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 180 bpm, 24,71 km
      longest race as of yet. quite a lot of enjoyable trails (which would look even better in the summer) with 9 short climbs. ran the whole race with Ole (except when I took a break to take a piss and when Ole took a break to snack some nut wegdes. went pretty well. even though the last two kilometres were hard on the legs. Ole ende up being first in the category of men under 23.
    • Trailrunning 1:44'37.4 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 182 bpm, 20,80 km
      First Half-Marathon with 600m of ascent. Perfect weather: sunny and between 10-15 degrees Celsius. first 5k on asphalt, then 14k in the Teuto Forest with lots of ups and downs and back into the city. right calf somewhat destroyed. and a first in my sense mantra (2), a blister on my little toe. drank sweet tea two times. felt i needed it. really have to try to take gels with me for the next two even longer runs maybe. carried a softflask. running by heartrarte worked well. ran the last 4,3 k in under 18 minutes (4:10min/km pace)

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