• 7 Moves
    18:26 Std.
    83,79 km
    6201 kcal
  • Besondere Moves
  • 23.7.2016
    • Trailrunning 23:33'06.3 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 126 bpm, 159,5 km
      TR24 2016 16 Laps PB
    • 30.7.2016
    • Trailrunning 23:54'37 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 130 bpm, 128,3 km
      TR24: 24hrs to run as many times around a 10k trail course as you can. I made it but my watch memory gave in at 65mi so no stats for the finish....GUTTED! Bloody sugars dropped a few times and fueling mistakes put me off course a couple of times through the night. I struggled to keep food down through the night but somehow managed an ice cream in the morning. It was a very tough challenge but with Twitter friends spurring me on as they past me in their team relay race, my wife running a lap with me, the awesome support of all the other runners , support crews pitched around the course and my 2 girls meeting me at the bottom of the last hill on my last lap to run across the line with me I somehow managed 13 laps making me 29th out of 103 solo runners (103K, 80.7mi). HAPPY DAYS! A HUGE DISTANCE PB from 56mi to 80mi.
    • Trailrunning 11:11'14, 84,72 km
      The HOKA Highland Fling Race 2014: Forgot HRM, left auto pause on and never realised until near the end. Scotland you ROCK! The toughest yet most rewarding race to date. A couple of falls but nothing serious. Nearly a DNF at 27 miles due to knee pain resulting in me forgetting to refuel at the CP before, but with the help of drugs, food and the support from my loving wife and friends I pulled it around to finish with a smile. Stunning views and awesome trails. A must do event, even though I'm in pain today I will be back next year. Un official finish 11:58:00
    • Laufen 11:30'30.6 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 139 bpm, 91,40 km
      Hell on the Humber: a 12hr ultra back and forth over the Humber Bridge (2mi Out, 2 Back) so boring in theory but with runners criss crossing through the night (7pm to 7am) the camaraderie was fantastic. Very windy most of the night and it started with driving rain but it never dampened anyone's spirits, fantastic event topped of with a PB for me. The furthest I've ever ran! Oooooosh! Nutrition worked a treat and my lovely Wife was the perfect support crew I could ask for. *Happy Face* Stiff thighs, ITB and sore feet but overall really pleased with my efforts.

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