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  • 14.9.2014
    • Multisport 4:02'03.3, 37,20 km
      Woohoo 30th birthday challenge! 3.0 mile run, 30 min. swim, 30 km bike ride. Didn't know if I'd be able to do it given the altitude...and the fact that I'd never attempted this before, but I crushed it and I feel great. Didn't bother with HR monitoring since I'd never used swim mode before and didn't want to screw anything up. Got worked on the way up Boulder canyon, would have loved to know what my HR topped out at. The ride back down was insanely fun - looks like the cruising peaked at about 24 mph. No issues with running or swimming other than the usual high-altitude stuff which didn't affect me at all when cycling, strangely. All in all, great day.
    • Laufen 0:58'05 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 169 bpm, 10,07 km
      So proud of myself! Today was my first 10K, I ran it with a bunch of friends, and I did negative splits the entire way. Official Times: Chip - 58'05, Gun - 58'59 / My goal was to finish in an hour and run the first 3 miles at around a 10'min pace, and play the next 3 as I felt them. I dipped into the 9s on the first 3, but conserved a lot of energy, so at the 3-mile mark I wanted to try doing a 9ish'min mile, a mid-8ish'min mile, and a sub-8 for the last mile. I was really successful, except I couldn't hold the 7s the entire last 1.2 miles. It was a really windy day and the last mile involved a lot of wind-fighting, but regardless my stamina couldn't hold the 7s and I dipped down & dropped back to the 8s sevearl times. So my next 10k goal will be to stay under 8 the entire last 1.2 miles. My heart felt great nearly the entire way, and I wasn't fatigued at all after the race. My shoes felt awesome. I am definitely eased into them - no pain at all! An all-around success, especially considering I was out sick from work on Thursday.
    • Laufen 2:16'31.9 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 184 bpm, 21,35 km
      I did it!!! My first half marathon on my 29th birthday. Official timing: Split 1 (10 miles?) 1:43:24 // Split 2 (3.1 miles?) 0:33:05 // Gun Time: 2:19:09 // Chip Time: 2:16:29 // Pace 10:26. So, observations: I aimed for a time of 2:30 beginning with 12-minute miles for the first 5, 11 for the next 5, and 9 for the next 3. I did nearly 15 minutes better than expected, but I think I can absolutely do it more efficiently, even if it means a slower race next time. Out the gate, my body wanted to run under 11 minutes. Since this was my first race and I didn't know what to expect, I let it do what it wanted to do and I felt great for the first 8 miles. I ran pretty evenly with increasing speed until mile 8, and then I started feeling it. It's amazing the way the brain works - I kept thinking I was going to have to walk, but my brain never stopped me. I slowed down and it took care of the rest. The last 3-5 miles were painful, exacerbated by that section of the race (Haines Point) having very limited shade. The sun was beating down brutally - I was debating whether to wear a tank-top or t-shirt this morning because the weather was on the fringe and I'm glad as anything I went with the tank top. For the next half, I'm definitely going to focus more on being slower at the beginning. I'd like to have a decreasing pace throughout the entire race and not have to scale back at the end. The MAF'ing really paid off. I had ZERO knee or ankle pain, but did feel a lot of cramping in my toes/feet (nothing debilitating) later in the race. Heart rate - wow. I was spent & dazed after crossing that finish line, and it took me a good 30 minutes to feel completely back to normal again (maybe 15-20 minutes of walking post-race before getting in the car). All in all, I'm really proud of my first half marathon. Definitely a lot to learn & improve upon, and a lot of MAF'ing to go to get in better aerobic shape. I hope one day that this race pace will be a usual pace at MAF.
    • Trekking 2:37'01.9 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 102 bpm, 8,82 km
      Nice 5-mile hike with my husband around the blue trail on Sugarloaf Mountain to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary! The little out-and-back around mile 2 is us mistakingly picking up the wrong trail at a junction. Toasted post-hike with some sangria and and a cheese platter at the vineyard on the foot of the mountain. Now that's what I call a Sunday.

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