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  • 1.4.2017
    • Laufen 3:06'41 Durchschnittliche Herzfrequenz 168 bpm, 42,29 km
      "Wintermarathon" 09-11-2013, Stockholm, Sweden. My very first marathon took me 3:06:41 to complete (I was quite tired when I crossed the finish-line, so I forgot to switch off my watch). Race Report: I was, surprisingly, not very nervous at the start, I just wanted to start running. An unintended benefit of the taper, perhaps? I head a gunshot, and the group of people around me started moving in unison. The people around me made me nervous - my aim was running under 3:15 which would make me one of the faster in the field - but a lot of people zipped past me. Thankfully, I managed to keep my calm and pace. During the second lap I had found my pace, and settled to running behind another runner whom I did not know. We spent about 2:30minutes of the race together and it felt as though we formed a strange connection during that time. Another benefit was that I ran slightly faster than intended, but it felt easy. The race was a breeze, actually, until the last 7 kilometers for which I was not entirely prepared. With 14km left I started feeling a burning sensation in my thighs, and during the last 30 minutes of the race I can't remember feeling my legs at all. What I do remember was cursing every stupid hill and turn. My pace dropped as well, but by less than I thought it did. Crosssing the finish someone gave me a medal and a book. This I don't remember too clearly - I was tired. What I do remember is putting my arm around a friend who waited for me at the finish and was kind enough to escort me to the closest porta-potty. Overall, It was a wonderful experience that I would like to do again!

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