• Connect your Movescount profile to your TrainingPeaks account to transfer Moves to TrainingPeaks.

  • Features

    • Track and analyze your workouts with over 30 charts and graphs.
    • Use advanced metrics like Training Stress Score®, Chronic Training Load® and Normalized Graded Pace for in depth analysis.
    • View long term progress using the Dashboard.
    • See your fitness, fatigue and form in the Performance Management Chart.


    Movescount together with TrainingPeaks

    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.

  • 1. Connect TrainingPeaks in Movescount settings
  • In Movescount settings click “Connect with TP” and log into TrainingPeaks. If you do not have a TrainingPeaks account, register first.

  • 2. Ready
  • Now you are connected! After the next Movescount sync, your new Moves will be automatically transferred to TrainingPeaks.