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    Get your own free exercise log to keep better track of your progress and stay motivated. Challenge your friends, create goals and share your workouts with others. Let your workouts be fun again!

    Shapelink will give you fun and usefull information of your workouts and nutrition. It doesn't matter if you are preparing for Iron Man or just want to loose some weight. We know we are all different and therefore you can customize your journal to your level and interests.

    You can also set up goals, add equipment, create your own routines, templates and much more.

    We offer a number of standard statistics modules that show you information about your workouts and health. You can also create your own graphs to save for easy access later. Compare time, distance, workouts, lifted weight, weight changes, pulse values, daily form and much more to see how it changes over time.

    View top lists over your friends and their workout results and challenge them. Shapelink will keep track of the rules and the workouts and will list the results and winners automatically. You can also send messages and comment your friends workouts. Find groups with special interests where you can hang out and get advice or just chat. By connecting your diary to Facebook and Twitter you can easily share your progress and workouts to other friends in your social network.

  • Features

    • Log all your workouts in one place.
    • Advanced statistics and workout information.
    • Create your own challenges and challenge friends.
    • Follow and comment your friends workouts.
    • Availible for web, iOS and Android.
    • English, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish.


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.