• Optimizing individual athletes

    Firstbeat SPORTS Individual is a software tool for professional use in sports testing, coaching and performance analysis. The method is based on advanced analysis of beat-by-beat heart rate data and especially heart rate variability. In addition to unique training load assessment (EPOC & Training Effect) the system provides a novel HRV based stress and recovery analysis tool helping the athlete in optimizing the training periodization.

    • Optimized training load
    • Better critical training decisions
    • Recovery test for detecting early signs of overtraining
    • Efficient fitness testing
  • Features

    • Training Monitor
    • Dashboard
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Overnight Recovery Test
    • Quick Recovery Test
    • Fitness Testing
    • English, Finnish
    • Reports available in English, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.

Key features

  • Monitor the performance in real-time or through in-depth post-analysis. Firstbeat SPORTS Individual lets you analyze the training of two athletes through following features:
    • Training Monitor* - Monitor the training load and intensity in real time and make sure you reach the goals set for the workout.
    • Dashboard - See the training status at a glance. Identify an increased risk of poor performance and overtraining.
    • Detailed Reporting - Get training reports instantly. Heart rate variability based in-depth analytics reveal training load and recovery.
    • Overnight Recovery Test - Detect early signs of overtraining and see how daily stress factors influence the body.
    • Quick Recovery Test - Assess your recovery in 5 minutes. Instant feedback provides a recovery score (0-100%) and recovery progress at your individual level.
    • Fitness Testing - Test the fitness (VO2max) using sport specific protocols, such as beep test, yo-yo test and Conconi fitness test.

    *Requires Firstbeat Real-time monitoring kit

    Read more at www.firstbeat.com/sports