• Diviac is the next generation scuba diving logbook. It builds on the data captured by your dive computer and adds layers of rich emotional content: fish sightings, diver profiles, photos, videos and personal notes. With Diviac, your logbook goes from a dry set of statistics to a media-rich and shareable journal of your dive history.

    And since Diviac is a cloud solution accessible both through Web and Mobile (iOS and Android), you can log and access your dives online or offline anywhere at any time.

    Connect your Movescount profile to your Diviac account to automatically sync your dive logs between DM5 - Movescount - Diviac.


  • Features

    • Log and access your dives online or offline, on web or mobile (iOS and Android)
    • Complement your dive profiles with rich memories such as photos, videos, maps and personal notes
    • Identify and track your marine life sightings from a database of 14,000 species
    • Connect with other divers, digitally validate their logs and even copy their photos, all within the platform
    • Get inspired for your next dive trip by browsing thousands of destinations and dive center listings complete with reviews from divers like you
    • English, German


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.
  • Suunto users get, in 2015, a Diviac premium account for free for life! Use the coupon code below during the registration, or simply connect your diviac.com account with Movescount.


  • 2. Link your Movescount account
  • In Diviac, go to your Profile & Settings page and in the Social connections section, select "Connect" with Movescount.

  • 3. Ready
  • All your dives from Movesount will automatically be synced to your Diviac account the first time you connect. Thereafter, simply click on the "Sync with Movescount" icon on your main logbook page to download your latest dives from DM5/Movescount.