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    running.COACH - Your online training schedule that helps you reach your goal.

    running.COACH is an online training schedule which was developed by the reigning european marathon champion Viktor Röthlin. A tailor-made online program that adapts as your training progresses, helping you set achievable goals and guiding you with expert advice on nutrition, injury prevention, and many more aspects of marathon and half-marathon training. In Switzerland and Germany already 10'000 runners use our trainingplan.

  • Features

    • Trainingplan that adapts as your training progresses
    • Created by experts
    • Compare your activites in the statistics
    • Use the iPhone - App
    • Enjoy our daily support
    • English and German


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.
  • 1. Login to runningcoach.me
  • Go on runningcoach.me. Login with your credentials. Click on our "Watch" Icon. Select the button "Movescount". Give-in your movescount-E-mail. Click-Button. Choose which trainings should be synchronized.

  • 2. Allow the connection
  • Go to www.movescount.com to allow the request from running.COACH. You will get a message to link both profiles directly from Movescount to allow running.COACH to track your trainings.

  • 3. Sync your trainings
  • Once you have your trainings downloaded from your device to Movescount, you can watch and share it on Movescount and on running.COACH with just a click.