• Install Moveslink application

1. Select your device

Moveslink is a software that connects your Suunto device to Movescount. Select the device you want to use with Movescount, then download and install the version of Moveslink software.

2. Connect your Suunto device to computer

  • After the install, Moveslink is running on your computer. It is started automatically every time you start your computer.

3. Connect Moveslink to Movescount

  • 当您的设备连接到您的计算机时,Moveslink 窗口将会自动打开。

    输入您用于登录 Movescount 的电子邮件地址,如果您是新用户,请输入您经常使用的电子邮件地址。

    单击连接按钮,Moveslink 会将您设备的 Move 发送至您的 Movescount 帐户。

4. Ready!

Now you can use Moveslink as often as you wish. To sync your data between your device and your Movescount account, just follow the step 2.

  • What is Movesconverter?

Have you been using Suunto Training Manager or Suunto Training Manager Lite software? Now it is possible to transfer your old logs to Movescount. This gives you a kick start and means you can keep your valuable data.

Simply install Moveslink software and Movesconverter software will be installed automatically too.

You will find the Movesconverter in: Windows start > Programs > Suunto > Movesconverter

Before conversion make sure that:
  • You have the latest version of Training Manager (version 2.2.0 for t6 users and for t6c) or Training Manager Lite (version 1.2.0 for t3, t3c and t4, t4c users)
  • Your old logs have correct personal parameters set up such as activity level, height, weight, maximum heart rate
Do the conversion only once! We cannot ensure succesful conversion if repeated.

TIP: Activity set in Manager software and the name of the folders created are added as tags to converted Moves. In summary you can edit multible Moves based on tags.