• Install Moveslink application

1. Select your device

Moveslink is a software that connects your Suunto device to Movescount. Select the device you want to use with Movescount, then download and install the version of Moveslink software.

2. Connect your Suunto device to computer

  • After the install, Moveslink is running on your computer. It is started automatically every time you start your computer.

3. Connect Moveslink to Movescount

  • When your device is connected to your computer Moveslink window opens automatically.

    Insert the email address you use for logging in to Movescount or if you are a new user enter the email address you use regularly.

    Click Connect button and Moveslink sends your Moves from your device to your Movescount account.

4. Allow Moveslink to send data to your account

  • Go to your scoreboard in Movescount and sign in (or register if you are a new user. Note: use the same email address as in step 3). Allow Moveslink software once on your scoreboard. By allowing it you authorize Moveslink to send data between your device and Movescount account.

5. Ready!

  • Now you can use Moveslink as often as you wish. To sync your data between your device and your Movescount account, just follow the step 2.