What is Suunto Fitness Solution?

  • Suunto Fitness Solution is an exciting way for you to get more out of your training. The system records your activities, provides real-time visualization of your effort, and delivers detailed personal feedback reports.
    Fitness Solution latest update and further information available at www.iqniter.com
  • How to benefit?

    With your own personal training diary, you can track all your Moves, combining monitored sessions at the club with other activities. You can also connect with other club members in Movescount.com and:
    • Be part of the fitness club’s group, sharing tips, news and training programs
    • Share routes, photos, and videos
    • Share Moves with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
    • Create your own routes or find routes from within the community
    • Create your own training programs or choose from the hundreds created by other community members
    • Follow other members and connect with like-minded people around the world
    • Find information on upcoming events

  • Get started at your gym

1. Register once!

  • Register once at fitness club reception and get a Suunto heart rate belt (or you can use a belt of your own). During registration you need to provide information about your current physical condition. This is used in calculating the effect of your training.

2. Put the belt on!

  • Put on your Suunto heart rate belt. To get the best results, it is important that you wear the belt correctly. Make sure:
    - the electrodes are slightly wet
    - the Suunto logo on the belt is upright
    - the belt fits snugly

3. Start training and get feedback!

  • Join one of the classes using Suunto Fitness Solution or exercise freely in the designated areas covered by Suunto Fitness Solution. Control your training intensity through the visualization of your effort on the Suunto Fitness Solution display.

    Your Fitness Solution training reports will be sent to your training diary in Movescount.com. You will receive an invitation to join Movescount.com automatically after your first training session.