• Increased team performance through individual optimization

    Firstbeat SPORTS Software is specifically designed for professional and collegiate team sports. With the ability to monitor up to 80 athletes at once - no team is too big for this solution! The SPORTS software tracks all players' heart rates and training loads in real-time and has excellent analysis and reporting tools - including Group Training Load Reports (Training Effect and TRIMP) which can be automatically generated and emailed to coaches. The software can also be used to execute 5-minute Group Quick Recovery Tests as well as a more detailed overnight recovery report. The information gained by knowing how each practice session or game affects each player's state of recovery can assist the coach to make critical individualized decisions as to the intensity or nature of practice during the course of a long season.

  • Features

    • Training Monitor
    • Dashboard
    • Detailed Reporting
    • Overnight Recovery Test
    • Quick Recovery Test
    • Fitness Testing
    • Cloud Sync
    • English, Finnish
    • Reports available in English, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.

Key features

    • Training Monitor - Monitor the training load and intensity of players in real time and make sure each player is reaching the goals set for the workout.
    • Dashboard - See the training status of the whole team at a glance. Identify players with increased risk of poor performance and overtraining.
    • Detailed Reporting - Get training reports for each player and the whole team instantly. Heart rate variability - based in-depth analytics reveal training load and recovery.
    • Overnight recovery test - Detect early signs of overtraining and see how daily stress factors influence the body.
    • Quick Recovery test - Assess players' recovery in 5 minutes. Instant group feedback provides a recovery score (0-100%) and recovery progress at individual and group level.
    • Fitness Testing - Test the fitness (VO2max) of all players at once using sport specific protocols, such as beep test, yo-yo test and Conconi fitness test.
    • Cloud Sync - Support for remote coaching and centralized database management. Athletes can upload files easily to server from anywhere and the coach will have the access to the data within seconds. Teams using several licenses can also create shared databases by using the cloud-sync feature.

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