• What is Suunto DM4?

    Suunto DM4 software is PC and Mac compatible and helps you get the most out of your Suunto dive computer. You can view, organize, and analyze all the data that has been recorded during your dives, as well as upload it all to Movescount.com.

  • Install Suunto DM4

1. Download and install the latest version

2. Connect your Suunto device to computer

  • With a USB cable (included with some Suunto dive computer models), you can transfer recorded data such as dive profiles, maximum depths, temperatures, air consumption, and dive time directly from your dive computer to the DM4 software on your laptop whenever it is most convenient for you.

3. Connect Suunto DM4 to Movescount

  • Once the data is on your computer, get online and share everything with your friends on Movescount.com! At Movescount, you can then add text and photos of your dive locations, names of your dive buddies, equipment information, and more. You can view your past dives and get summaries of them, as well as any other activities you’ve uploaded. You are also able to explore the most interesting dives in the community and connect with other divers around the world.
  • Suunto Dive Planner

  • In addition, DM4 includes the Suunto Dive Planner, which is a great tool for planning dive profiles, gases, and back-up plans. When your plan is ready, simply export it from your laptop to the dive computer via the USB cable. The Suunto Dive Planner is also an excellent tool for dive instruction as it helps you gain deeper understanding of decompression theory and computer-assisted multilevel diving.