• Diveboard brings together everything Scuba. From beginners to pros, you can use Diveboard tu put together anything you'd want to log and keep to have your scuba history always with you. By joining Diveboard you'll be able to access the largest online resource to find dive spots, dive shops and prepare your dives by learning from other diver's experiences.

    Make every dive count: Diveboard is also the first citizen science platform dedicated to the underwater world, as such you can opt in four your data to be used by scientist to support research!

    Connect your Movescount profile to your Diveboard account to easily transfer your dives and get involved.

  • Features

    • Create full featured logs from your dive. Start with your profile and add species, buddies, dive spot, dive shop & divemaster, pictures & videos...
    • Leave reviews on the dive spot and dive shop services
    • Discover new destinations and book your next dives


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.
  • 1. Create an account on Diveboard
  • Head over to Diveboard.com and create an account or log in. Then click on the "Bulk upload" menu.

  • 2. Import from Movescount
  • Select the "Upload from Movescount account button". If this is your first time, a popup will open to authenticate you on Movescount using your Movescount credentials

  • 3. Finalize
  • Select what you want to do with the dives we found on you account. We'll try to match the dives already on your Diveboard account with those on your Moovescount account.

    For each dive found you can do any of the followings:

    • Skip: this does nothing
    • New dive: this creates a new dive entry
    • Add to dive: appends the data to an existing dive