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    dacadoo has developed an easy-to-use, wireless, secure and fun way to manage your personal health & fitness from a lifestyle, wellness and chronic disease perspective called the dacadoo health platform. The platform calculates your personal dacadoo health score, a number from 1 (poor) to 1’000 (excellent). It is a directional relative indicator of your current health and fitness status in real-time. By integrating gaming and social networking principles, dacadoo motivates you to be active in an easy way by automatically tracking and comparing your personal health, fitness and lifestyle.

    dacadoo health score platform
  • Features

    • Real time personal health score, a number from 1 (poor) to 1’000 (excellent).
    • Offers connectivity with several external devices that synchronise automatically.
    • Gamification mechanics with Achievements, Rewards, Leagues, Levels and Challenges.
    • Social platform with User directory and comment functionality and privacy sharing options.
    • Web and smartphone App (iOs, Android and BlackBerry) enabled.
    • English, German, French, Czech


    Support - If you have some questions, please contact the developer.