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Oxygen level (%)


Mountaineering, Guidance

Oxygen level at the given altitude as percentage of maximum at the see level. Formula: (1+H+(H^2)/2+(H^3)/6+(H^4)/24)*100, with H = -ALTITUDE/7990


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  • Strubbel1970

    2 weeks ago

    Isn't possible to use a FuseAltimeter parameter to get a reliable altitude ? I think I saw a picture from a Suunto watch in a airplane, showing somewhat 24000 feet = 8000 m. Could that be ? BTW: higher altitude = lower pressure = lower partial pressure of oxygen = lower oxygen saturation of the blood. But the body will compensate it down to a given level.

    • radku

      1 weeks ago

      Hi, FusedAlti is not available on Ambit1. You can write your own app using GPS altitude to extend the range of this feature, but the accuracy and battery life will change for the worse. The personal blood saturation it's a combination of altitude and your personal factories.

  • juniortipay


    can anyone tell me how to sync this app to my AMBIT2. thanks



    In the test it only works up to 5000 meters. My question is if it works at higher altitudes?

    thank you

    • radku


      I'm afraid not. I have tested it in himalaya and it works only up to 5000m. It's because the alti value is programmatically limited by suunto.

  • scase313


    This may not be accurate everywhere, even if you use barometric pressure. The latitude of your location has a lot to do with the equation since the atmosphere is thinner as you go further South or further North toward the poles. This is a significant change in places like Alaska, USA. Further, since the Suunto does not show true barometric pressure, but adjusted pressure, a calculation using pressure won't be accurate either.

  • ChrisYeoJoonKiat


    % of O2 in Air is about 21% at Sea Level. Should the figure shown be a true reflect of this and decreasing as we ascend, i.e. e.g. @3374m, approximate % of O2 in Air decreases to 13.8%?

    • Xydal


      Proportion of O2 remain the same with altitude at about 21%. It's the density/pressure which decrease meaning there is less molecules of air. So at 0m you have 100% of the molecules and higher you get, that % decrease.

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