Use Beers burned off -App in your Suunto watch.

Beers burned off


See how many beers can you safely take after the training without weight gain!

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Compatible devices

Suunto Ambit Collection, Suunto Movescount App

Compatible POD(s) might be required
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    • zdavis610


      Is there a version of the App that does not require the HR Monitor?

      • jonathanbell


        As the calories value is calculated based on HR and other variables, it's doubtful.

    • gmunroe


      any chance there is an app or configuration that would use the GPS versus a HR Monitor/POD? If I really got thirsty I could jump in the car and rack up a few beers.

    • Palirek


      After marathon it show me 19,98 beers, following this I would became not runner but alcoholic..! :)

      • jonathanbell


        ~20 beers * 150 calories each = ~3000 calories. Sounds about right for a marathon :)

    • bwest17


      Is there a way to view after a workout or just during the activity? Thanks!

    • btedrick


      how do I view this APP? I can't find it after a workout and I use the heart rate monitor.

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