Use 4in1: Cardiac Drift, HR%, maxHR, maxSPD -App in your Suunto watch.

4in1: Cardiac Drift, HR%, maxHR, maxSPD

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4 APPs in just one! (even for Ambit1): 1) Cardiac Drift (check the great app by The_Ghost) 2) Your current HR% according to Karvonen 3) Max speed during the current lap 4) Max HR during the current lap You know that there is a limitation on having just one APP per mode in Ambit1. Well - I've just overcome this problem. This app displays four interesting things every 2nd secs (actually in the first Lap Cardiac Drift does not make any sense - so it is ommited - you won't see any error or dashes). I find it kind of boring to have just one custom APP, so I found a way how to combine different things into one. If you like this APP - pls, leave some comment. If you have any suggestion - the same. Enjoy!

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Suunto Ambit Collection, Suunto Movescount App

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    NEW VERSION for INTERVAL TRAINING lovers ready! Check it out:

  • ppiioottrr


    @SKIJETI: thanks for comment! I think I have an idea of how it might be done. As soon as I am done with an app for sailors (I am one of them) I will try to do it. Is my understanding correct - you would like to do e.g. 10x800m seperated by some rest period, and: after first 800 you would press "lap" to switch to rest mode, and then after e.g. 30sec you would press it again to start another 800, and you would like to have cardiac drift comparing the actual 800 with the previous one?

    • Skijeti


      You're welcome, thats right, it would be nice if we could see all those 4 parameters (cardiac drift, maxHR,%HR,maxSPD) for every new lap we start. And i quess, please correct me if i'm wrong, it would be possible to configure this App (in movescount) to suit our different needs (setting up longer-shorter rest periods)? Again thx for the hard work and since you're a sailor i wish you clear blue sky and open sea.

  • Skijeti


    Just a quick tought, is it possible to add a rest intervals (in sec) between laps so we can use this app in inteval sessions?Anyway, really appreciated you invest your time into this,looking forward to test it, thx and happy trails.

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    • ppiioottrr


      &Ur welcome as well! Regarding your idea to introduce a user-adjustable apps - unfortunately that's not possible (yet?). Suunto does not provide any mean to operate on input that would be set by the user, i.e. all parameters must be hard-coded. The only thing that you can "tell" to your app is a lap change. After an exercise-interval (so during the rest) I could show a timer in seconds - so then a user could decide whether to have a 10, a 30 or any other rest period, press lap & go2nxt intrv.TX!

    • Skijeti


      You mean in rest time between laps you could add viewable timer so we could time our rest interval by it(10,30,60,90sec...), am i right?

    • ppiioottrr


      That's right - but I also need to check how the built-in interval-training support works - maybe actually it IS possible to achieve "automation" by combination of my initial idea (training-intervals separated by rest-intervals - even with the timer as you are suggesting, but the switches between trainings/rests would be done automatically based on what you would set in the sport mode (Advanced Settings above 8 screens). At the moment I am frustrated with some bug - see my comment to a problem:

  • ppiioottrr


    I created this APP and love it! Finally, I can observe various aspects of running in one view. This approach allow to overcome the problem of being able to use just one APP per mode in Ambit1. Well - here you have 4 APPs in one!

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