Use Doughnut Patrol -App in your Suunto watch.

Doughnut Patrol

Running, Fun

You're a wanted criminal. After the heist of you come out only to notice that your partner in crime has already fled with the loot and your getaway car. Just then you hear the police sirens getting closer and closer. It's time to run! But be aware, because the law enforcement also has several patrols looking for you. The race against the clock begins... Instructions. You have 40 seconds time to gain some lead, after that without keeping the distance you're caught. Your high-tech watch gives you a warning (beep) every time there is patrol approaching your location. While the patrol is near, you must not run. Stop, hide and maybe stretch a little because the police in your rear have not given up on chase. After 25 seconds the patrol has gone past and you are clear to go. In case you get caught the chase maybe resetted by pressing the lap button on your watch. Press it twice to make the cops slower. If you are uncertain what to do, check your watch for information. How far you can run? Compete against yourself and friends. Requirements: Ability to move more than 5 km/h, 1 or more players, imagination and criminal tendencies.

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Suunto Ambit Collection

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