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Disc Golf Tracker

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Keep track of your throws in disc golf. This app shows the amount of throws on one lane and also the total amount of throws on a course. It also calculates the distance of each throw. Operation: 1.Press Start to begin the game 2.After each throw, press LAP-button, so the app can record your throw number 3.When you finish the hole, quickly press the LAP-button twice. 4.On the next hole, press LAP-button to start new round 5.Repeat 2-4 until you have finished all the holes 6.Press Stop to terminate the game. This app is made for the Ambit App Challenge course (TJTS573) at the University of Jyväskylä. The app was made by Leo Kannisto, Petri Mattila & Ari Rauhala.

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Compatible devices

Suunto Ambit Collection, Suunto Movescount App

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    • Chainmeister


      I have both apps for disc golf. I am not sure I am using them correctly. Can anybody post how to use these to keep score both total score and by hole? I have been hitting lap for each shot and pausing the app so it does not record my movement after I mark the throw. Can the app show distance and throws? The athletic data is pretty meaningless to me. Also, can the distance be shown in feet/ Showing in a hundredth of a mile is not helpful. Thank you.

    • Jessetcook


      Quickly pressing the lap button twice does not work consistently for me. Instead of finishing the hole, it adds two more strokes to the current hole. Without a means to subtract strokes, it makes the app pretty dysfunctional. Anyone else experience this problem? Is it me or is it the app? Thanks!

    • micofix


      Anybody knows how to make this app work on a Ambit2 S?

    • manejyrkas


      Kuinka tämän saa toimimaan?

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