Use Total ascent -App in your Suunto watch.

Total ascent


Shows the amount of ascent, i.e. cumulative amount of gained altitude during the exercise. Result is given in meters.

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Compatible devices

Suunto Ambit2 S, Suunto Ambit2, Suunto Ambit3 Peak, Suunto Ambit3 Sport

Compatible POD(s) might be required

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  • tviljamaa


    Why not compatible with Ambit2R?

    • JamesPetersen

      2 weeks ago

      I couldn't get it to work with my Ambit2 R. Have you had any luck?

    • tviljamaa

      2 weeks ago

      James... no luck, does not work with Ambit2 R. I've changed to ambit3 Peak and it works

  • suliano


    No compatible with Ambit 3 ??

  • costa_t


    How come this isn't compatible with ambit1? :\



    What is the difference between the meters shown by the total ascent app in the graph ans the ascent in the detail above the map? 561m vs 315m in this move

    • SleepyOverlord


      ... and if you disable the pauses in the lap information, you get yet another value (481m)... Some clarification on this wouldn't hurt.

    • teodycue


      Did you get the answer to your question? I'm also wondering...

  • Ahnico


    Sorry it's not "altitude" but "ascent", information provided in our account after to have uploaded an exercise. How the ascent is calculated? With GPS and/or baro information?

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