About Movescount

Movescount is the sports community for you! It offers you rich set of tools to manage your daily activities and create engaging stories about your experiences. Movescount offers you new ways to get inspired with other members to drive you forward! Movescount is offered by Suunto for all the sports people in the world. Movescount is free to use. Movescount is evolving. We want your feedback. We want your suggestions. And we aim to act accordingly. We believe that Movescount can provide the best tools and most inspiring community for any sports person, if you help us!

Movescount is connected

Movescount uses various other webservices to offer members best possible user experience. Movescount uses the Flickr API, Youtube API, GoogleMaps API, Tweetme, ShareThis and Digg but is not endorsed or certified by these.

Movescount is developing!

Movescount is developing every single day! We welcome all the feedback, ideas, and requests! We will pick the most popular requests and the best ideas so that the service would offer you better experience each day you use it! Everyone in Movescount development team is also using the service. So we are with you!

Movescount team