The sports community where every Move counts

Suunto Movescount is a growing sports community where you can create your own sports diary to collect and share your activities as well as customize your compatible Suunto watch.

Follow your progress

Save your every activity online with the amount of detail you want.

Follow your progress in a growing list of both outdoor and indoor activities. With highly accurate tools to analyze a wide range of details, you can improve your fitness or simply enjoy your achievements.

Plan your training

Heatmaps show the tracks frequently used by the Suunto Movescount community all over the globe, based on millions of Moves. You can plan your own route with the help of rich, topographic maps, transfer it to your compatible Suunto watch and start exploring.

Select your training program among the hundreds available or create your own from scratch. Upload all your activities and see the big picture with clear summaries and informative totals.

Find routes

Customize your watch

Use Movescount to unleash the power of your Suunto watch. Customize your watch by choosing the features and views you want (depending on device).

Visit Suunto App Zone to get great new tricks for your sports watch. Can´t find what you want? Use Suunto App Designer to create you own Suunto App and upload it to your sports watch.

Suunto Apps


Share your best Moves with your friends in Movescount and beyond. Get them excited and moving, too. Need some inspiration? Join groups of likeminded athletes and compete against others in online and offline events.

Suunto Connected Family with Ambit3

The Suunto Connected Family with Ambit3 offers you the ultimate package for tracking and sharing your sports and adventures.

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Suunto Movescount App

Make every Move count with the Suunto Movescount App. Easily track speed, distance, route and calories. Add photos, create a Suunto Movie and share your experiences instantly.

How Suunto Movescount works


your favorite activity with a compatible Suunto watch or Suunto Movescount App

Sync your activities

with Movescount using Bluetooth or USB cable

Analyze and compare

your activity data and find inspiration and routes


your experience with 3rd party apps and additional smart sensors.